JUNE 2021

The year was 1897, and whiskies were questionable at best but no doubt effective. With no actual guidelines to ensure quality, let alone safety measures, the government of the good ole US of A stepped in to make sure the general citizenry had a fighting chance of getting a decent pour of whiskey.

The term Bottled in Bond was created, and to carry that term on the label, specific requirements had to be adhered to. The whiskey, all barrels included in a batch, had to be distilled by one distiller in one season, either spring or fall. The whiskey had to be bottled at 50% ABV and reached a minimum age of 4 years old in a cask.

Distillers were excited to operate within these parameters because doing so allowed them to withhold paying taxes until the whiskey had reached full maturity and letting them hold onto their dollars for a bit longer. Needless to say, the plan worked, and Bottled in Bond still carries the faith and favor of the Federal government to this day and also implies a certain level of quality assurance on the bottles we drink now.

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