Acker Wine Cellars


Acker is thrilled to announce its expansion in Delaware with Acker Wine Cellars!
Our new state-of-the-art facility features upgraded logistical, operational, and staffing services, including:

・ Free transport between Acker auction and retail facilities
・ Global transfers, pickups and deliveries arranged
・ Temperature controlled and optimal relative humidity
・ Backup generator emergency service
・ Expert appraisal and cataloguing services

・ Energy efficient
・ Completely secure
・ Inventory, on-site packing services
・ Storage capabilities with no minimums
・ Constant consolidation and resizing with no additional fees!

It couldn’t be easier!

Purchase wine at retail and auction through Acker, and have it securely sent to storage until you’re ready to take it home. To inquire about storage space in Acker Wine Cellars contact:

P: 212.787.1700

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